January 11, 2016
Before I began working with Rita I was headed into a major depression. My 18 year old son was on drugs and my mom was dying of cancer. I felt overwhelmed and everyday I felt like I had a huge mountain to climb . I couldnt see how life was ever going to get better. After a few sessions with Rita I started to feel the weight of the world lifting off me. She made everything clearer for me and she literally organized my brain to help me get through each day productively and logically. She guided me into trusting my decisions and to think more clearly . Today , after 6 months in rehab my son is in university and doing extremely well and hasnt touched drugs in 4 years . She taught me how to understand and cope with all the obstacles that were thrown my way. Lisa, administrative secretary, Candiac
November 06, 2018
Rita is a true professional. Despite feeling nervous at first, she quickly put me at ease with her gentle approach. Our conversations are productive and very helpful. With her guidance I am better at identifying, handling and coping with internal and external issues. Shes an amazing listener and extremely resourceful. She has changed my outlook on life and I am truly grateful!
S. Yigit
September 09, 2020
As a 22 year old university student that has been dating the same person since the age of 17, life can be challenging and in the moment seemed like something I couldnt handle. There are also certain things that are harder to talk about with your parents or friends for many different reasons but in my case, it was mostly because I was afraid of judgement. I started to question my career path and my long term relationship. I needed to speak with someone with no worries that I would be judged and needed a plan to get through this hurdle. The minute I started working with Rita, she listened to what I had to say and put me back on the correct path by asking me a series of questions that made me reflect in a calmer and more rational way. She made me feel like I can tell her anything, without judgement and all she had for me were endless solutions to my problems. What was most impressive about my life coach was that she never told me what to do. Instead, she guided me to reflect on what I actually wanted for myself. Today, I feel very happy with my chosen career choice. Also, due to her communication skills that shes taught me, my relationship has just gotten better and stronger not only with my boyfriend, but with all of my close family and friends surrounding me. Bianca, University Student, Candiac
Bianca Sorella May 16, 2020
I am writing today in an attempt to put into words how Rita Rallo coaching skills and mentoring have helped me and changed my life. During the past several months that I have been working with Rita the personal breakthroughs that I have made under her guidance in every session continue to astound me. Her ability to see through my layers and recognize the goodness at my core, that quite frankly I had lost sight of some time ago, has both amazed and comforted me. Perhaps most amazing of all Im starting to see it now too. Entering into life coaching with Rita Rallo is an opportunity I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to make a positive change both in how they view themselves and others, and how they manage and enjoy their life. She has an unfailing commitment to see your strength and ability where you may see weakness and inability. Her straightforward, respectful, nurturing and intelligent manner helps you to identify with your true essence as a capable, loving, intelligent individual and to see the same in others. It has been my experience that it is rare to find someone who can see to the core of an issue and help you to see it too without ever telling you what it is, but rather through a combination of intelligent listening and questioning help you to get there yourself in the most meaningful way possible. She cares for you the whole way through this process. She is an extraordinary life coach and I couldnt be more grateful for the lessons I have learned through her example and guidance, and most importantly taking the time to address what matters most in life and how you are living it. Thank you Rita , I know you will continue to touch many lives as positively as you have mine. Warm regards El. Zoulakis
E Zoulakis